Wildcats News · Montague Vs Montrose Football Game – Live Stream Link

As we all know, there is a spectator limit for football games this fall. Only those individuals who have a ticket and event staff will be allowed on the campus of Montague High School for the game. For those of you that do not have a ticket, you are encouraged to view the live stream that we have made available for you. The link is below.

  • In addition to the live stream, the game will be broadcasted by the following radio stations. The links are below.
  • While it will be tempting to show up to the stadium and attempt to see the action live from outside the stadium, we ask that nobody from our school-community attempt to do this. While we wish our team was playing in front of thousands of fans, staying away gives them the best opportunity to finish their season. The MHSAA’s stance on this issue is very clear.
  • The MAPS athletic event staff along with the Montague Police Department will ask you to leave if you show up for a game without a ticket. There will be no exceptions.
  • This is not the ideal situation for our team, but we all need to remember that in order for our student-athletes to be able to play we have to do our part as a community.
  • Thank you and GO WILDCATS!