Wildcats News · Varsity Baseball Quarterfinals Information

MHSAA 2018 Baseball Quarterfinals will be located at the Davenport University Farmers Athletic Complex on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. The complex is located on 6201 68th St., Caledonia, MI. 49316.  Use extreme caution when entering/exiting the complex. DO NOT park or walk on 68th Street. This roadway is extremely hazardous. Use extreme caution when making the turn entering the Farmers property and exiting!

SPECTATOR PARKING– The parking lots will open at 2:15 p.m. to all spectators. There will be a parking fee of $5 for each vehicle space used. (Exact bills accepted and no credit cards or checks).   This cost will help support parking and security expenses and is approved by the MHSAA.

Baseball start time is 5:30. Arrival times for all spectators should be minimum of 45 minutes prior to game times. Stadium seating may be limited so early arrival is highly recommended. Bleacher seating is expected to be filled near or at capacity.  Game tickets will be sold on a per ticket basis along with a per each vehicle charge upon arrival to the East entrance to the Farmers Athletic complex. This is general admission (not reserved) ticket for each stadium or concourse access for standing room.

  • Absolutely no tobacco products, cigarettes of any kind, or alcohol are permitted by anyone at any time at MHSAA events.
  • Sportsmanship/Taunting – Spectators shall not engage in inappropriate cheers or language that is offensive, nor direct any taunting towards players, coaches, umpires, and/or other fans. This will be  monitored as necessary  and offenders in any category will be subject to ejection!
  • Sunflower seeds and/or any other similar products or candies  are prohibitedon the playing fields, bullpens and batting cages, dugouts, and any stadium areas included down base lines.
  • Foul balls and overthrows frequently leave the fields of play. The softball and baseball stadiums are located in close proximity.  (Use extreme caution when approaching and leaving areas prior to and after games and while games are underway on adjacent fields).
  • Keep small children with you at all times including outside any stadium areas .
  • Do not tailgate, grill, or use the paved parking areas for any purpose other than vehicle parking.
  • Animals and pets are not encouraged at this event.Registered service animals are allowed within the stadium complex, if on a leash and controlled.  Customers who bring service animals may be asked to divulge what service the animal provides.  DO NOT allow any other animals down the baselines outside stadium fencing or near either stadium.
  • Drones – Drones or aerial photography of any type is not permissible due to the risks and proximity to a major airport.

All Semi-Final and Final  games for QF winning teams  will be played at Michigan State University Thursday-Saturday,  June 14-15-16.